The nature of success

On the surface, watching this video is incredibly inspirational:

However, as I watched it, there was a rush of conflicting thoughts and feelings. One part of me was saying, yes he is right, Andre, you need to be better. Work harder, cut out more distractions, become great. The other part was asking, is that really the way? Will I accomplish my goals in life through single-minded perseverance, or is it in the moments of relaxation, in the serendipitous conversations and in allowing the heart and mind to wonder to where it wants to go that will get me there?

Or, is it simply the right balance of both?

2 thoughts on “The nature of success

  1. was checking out your website for teaching/tech tools to use for a teacher training course. saw this.

    first, hope NYC is amazing.

    i agree with andrei, you know this. just reflect again and again on your definition of success. not on what would be ‘nice’ but on what you want as much as you want your breath.

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