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I just got a shiny new 13 inch MacBook Pro to use at work. Now, I feel that debates around the question “which operating system is better” are silly and believe that all of them have pros and cons. To prove it, I run Ubuntu on  my desktop, Windows 7 on my laptop and now Mac OS on my work laptop.

That being said, in my opinion, one of the greatest weaknesses that Mac OS has is its window management. The operating system believes that it can do a better job than me in arranging and sizing the windows on my screen. This fails drastically once you have more than one screen, or have lots of windows to manage.

To fix this I found a great free tool called “better touch tools“. The app works great for its intended purpose of adding more control over trackpad gestures and keyboard shortcuts, but it also allows you to add the window-snapping function of Windows 7. This means that setting windows side by side or making them full screen can be done with a flick of the mouse, as opposed to painfully dragging the box in the bottom right corner.

For anybody who’s work entails looking at more than one application at a  time or who uses multiple screens, this app is a must!

3 thoughts on “Fixing Mac OS

  1. When I first switched to OSX in 2008 I had the same impression, the windows management left something to be desired. Over the last 2 years however I’ve come to appreciate how Mac handles Windows and, in many cases, even like it. Now I do 90% of what I need with mouse gestures and keyboard shortcuts and when I absolutely have to have info available at all times I ue Screenfloat it really makes displaying info a lot easier. John Saddington at tentblogger did a write up on it recently. It really makes managing information from multiple sources a lot easier.

  2. Andre, speaking of window management, are you going to upgrade to Ubuntu 11.04 and give Unity, the new, Mac-like desktop environment a try? Personally, I feel slightly sceptical about having it by default as my experience with it on the Netbook edition has not been great.

  3. @Chris Screenfloat looks really useful in many situations, what about the times when you need to be scrolling in the window that you are taking the screenshot of? What I like about BTT is that it quickly lets you put the whole window off into the corner.

    @Eastwood I didn’t like it on my mom’s netbook either, although I don’t know if that was the OS or the lack of computing power. Hopefully they also tweaked it a lot. I’ll try it out in a month or so when the rest of life settles down a bit 😀

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