Themes – A personal journey

Twenty hand

My site has gone through a lot of them changes over it’s history. Even though one of the bloggers that I admire most (at least before he went off the deep end) disagrees with theme changes, I feel that creating and changing my themes has allowed me to flesh out my ideas around aesthetics as well as my sense of self and personal style. I started university believing that I had no artistic talent whatsoever and have slowly come to realize that I just never spent any time developing it.  I treat my theme as a personal journey, it showcases my knowledge, ability and feelings at a given point in time and allows me to show everyone in a visual way when those things change by updating my theme.

So although I’ve lost a few of the steps along the way, here is a subset of the themes I’ve hacked along the way…

One thought on “Themes – A personal journey

  1. Now you’re going to make me go through my themes, eh? 🙂

    It’s great to see your personal journey through the themes. I now need to focus on thinking about what I’ll do with – suggestions welcome! I’ll end up following your lead with TwentyTen, as you suggested. But personalizing it to me.

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