New Theme: twenty-hand

I’ve been unhappy with my theme for the page few months and not had the time to change it. I’ve finally got around to doing so and at the same time have played around with some WordPress 3.0 goodness. Here are some of the features:

  1. It’s a child theme of the new WordPress theme twentyTen.
  2. It’s much cleaner than my old theme.
  3. It uses the new wp_nav_menu system. The 7 menus that I add are the 7 menu items at the top.

The theme really has a long way to go before it can go up on say Some changes I still need to make:

  1. I need a back-end so that people can add or remove their own images. This needs to completely replace the “change header” function that twentyTen comes with.
  2. I need to create a way to let people have more or less than 7 headers.
  3. I need to create ways for non-exact matches to leave the header images open (at the moment it’s only open if the URL is exactly the same as defined in the menus.
  4. I need to write some documentation.

That being said, below is the theme for anyone who wants to play with it in its current version. Feedback on the look/features that should be added would be great.

twenty-hand 0.5

Update 1: an example of what this site used to look like:

Update 2: I didn’t like the theme in the end… am working on another one at the moment.