WordPress Pro Tip: Getting a per-post Feed in WordPress

For some reason this information is really hard to find through Google. Often in my work at OLT we are trying to reuse remix and redistribute a bunch static content from WordPress sites around our campus. In order to do so we need to find feeds for those sites that are just for one post or page, instead of the updating stream. Here is how to get them:

Simply append /?feed=rss&p=111 to the end of your URL. The 111 in the example should be the ID of the post that you want the feed for.

9 thoughts on “WordPress Pro Tip: Getting a per-post Feed in WordPress

  1. This may not come through properly, as I don’t know the rules for html comment. But it can also be done using the post_comments_feed_link function, like the following:

    Subscribe to post comments: <?php post_comments_feed_link($link_text = ''); ?>

    (The example showed how to wrap an image.)

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  2. Sweet, thanks David. Yeah, getting the feed from your own blog using the WP functions is relatively easy, but this was more for trying to find a feed of a specific post on other people’s blogs.

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