What education will look like in 10 years

“What education will look like in 10 years” is the title of the talk that I gave at the UBC Terry Talks conference a few months ago. Terry Talks is a conference modeled after the famous TED talks and it was a raging success. In my talk I touched on the different ways in which I believe education is going to change. I spoke about how it is going to become more collaborative, more “real” and more open. I gave examples of places where all of these changes are starting to manifest themselves and drew some predictions of where things are going to go.

They don’t show my last slide, but in it is a big shout out to a few people like Brian Lamb, Jon Beasley-Murray, Jim Groom, Scott Leslie, Gardner Campbell, Alan Levine and D’Arcy Norman, all of who’s presentations, tweets, blog posts, comments and plain old conversations have helped to shape so many of my ideas and beliefs. I think that this stuff really matters and it was your collective influences that helped me to see that.

Here is my talk embedded below:
To see more of the talks you can visit the Terry Talks Website.

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8 thoughts on “What education will look like in 10 years

  1. that was one fanfrackingtastic talk. kudos to you, and to ubc. I’m looking forward to talking more with you (and the rest of the OLT team) in a couple of weeks. You folks are ALL inspirational.

  2. Finally had the time to listen to your talk today and first of all bravo on a job well done.
    You articulate very well the attitude of today’s generation of students.
    We have been jumping through hoops for a long time, give us something to do. Last spring I worked on a project for a history class that provided a valuable resource on Virginia history (fredmarkers.umwblogs.org). I know for a fact students who graduated were able to get jobs because of the content they created in that class.
    Awesome talk Andre, keep up the good work.

  3. A very engaging presentation… I really enjoyed it. The point you made on the different levels of embracing change was particularly important, I think. The great silent majority will always be those just willing to do as they’re told.

  4. sounded like a great speach. Really enjoyed listening to you and thanks to you I was able to get examples to write my paper, which is the exact same question as the topic.

  5. hey andre!
    I just watched your terry talk and it’s really inspiring. I’m going to look up all the links you gave us right now! 🙂
    see you around!

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