3 thoughts on “Today’s realization:

  1. Two things, no, make it three or four.
    One, very thought provoking.
    Two, well done! Very clear explanations for a mark-up noob, like myself, just considering this as a distraction/addiction/occupation.
    Three, viewing “The Problem” video, I couldn’t help but think about something I read awhile back about language development and communication. When two (or more Iguess) groups of individuals get together each speaking a different language, communications begins to take shape in what is called a pidgin language. No syntax no, semantics. What follows in the next generation is a creole language which contains, if I remember correctly, syntax. The web as it stands now in terms of communication is in its pidgin form. What you are discussing seems a development of the creole form. Maybe there is something there to look at. I don’t know it’s not my field.
    Four. I can’t remember .. Oh yeah. wouldn’t an RFDa generator be possible . That is, type in the subject, predicate and object into form fields and have in generate the RDFa mark-up for copy and paste? this may make retrofitting of pages easier.

    Anyway, thanks. By the way, got here by following brlamb tweets

  2. As far as RDFa Generating goes, MIT has done some fantastic work with their SIMILIE project: http://simile.mit.edu/. Hopefully by embedding some of this functionality in our wiki we will allow professors and staff around UBC to remix any content on the wiki in a way that they need for whatever context they choose. Fingers crossed that we can do it!

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