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Here is my first WordPress plugin. It is meant to extend the excellent BDP-RSS plugin by Bryan Palmer. This plugin allows users who are logged in to a WordPress MU system to add feeds to the BDP-RSS feed aggregator from the sidebar. It is primarily designed to allow students to add the feed of their own blog to a class aggregate blog.

Please let me know what you think.


Just download, unzip, then drop the plugin into your plugins->BDPRSS folder and activate in the plugins menu.

Update: For some reason the control is not saving the options properly. I’ll fix it on Saturday morning.

Update: Version 1.2 released.

Changed the way that permissions work.

  • Simplified things by only allowing registers users of the community to add their feeds.
  • Gave admin the option of password protecting a blog so that only users who know the password can add feeds

Download V1.2

As always, let me know what you think of the changed.

Update: Version 1.1 released.

  • Fixed subtitle bug
  • Added control over what type of user can add feeds.
    • Global: Anyone can add a feed
    • System: Anyone on the Mu System can add a feed.
    • Blog: Only a subscriber to the specific blog that the widget is on can add a feed.
  • Made it so that if a user cannot add a feed, they don’t even see the text box.

Download V1.1

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18 thoughts on “Add to BDP RSS WordPress plugin

  1. As ever, I’m delighted and more than a bit in awe. What I like about the way this was thought through is that allows for course or group blogs to be set up without routing through some instructional support person. It’s effective, and lightweight — I think this is going to be a popular plugin with educators, and it will be interesting to see how it gets adopted in other domains.

    Hey ho, let’s go!

  2. Just tested this widget with 2.5, and it seems like it is breaking. Looks like this version may deal with widgets bit differently, which is a bummer.

  3. That is a bummer. I will wait for multi-user 1.5 (or whatever it is called) to come out and then fix it on that (seeing as that is what the institutional blogs are running on).

  4. Andre,

    It actually doesn’t show up in the list of widgets in a single install of WP 2.5 after I activate it. Whiel the BDP RSS plugin adn Feed WordPress seem to be working fine.

    I am planning on featuring this plugin for the Faculty Academy at UMW, and I don’t know if there is a way to just put the code in a php widget? For some reason it just doesn’t recognize it, is there a quick work around?

  5. Did I ever tell you you’re the best? Well then, let me do that now, and the same goes for you Vince 🙂

  6. I need some help from you, I´m wandering how can get my feeds with the particular characters from the spanish language. Cause there are appearing like an strange file of caracters instead of, for example, ó. Can anybody help me?

  7. Hi Lucas, make sure that the WordPress character encoding is set to UTF-8. There may be a character setting in BDPRSS but I haven’t used the plugin in a while so I do not know.

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