I’m back after a long, exam inspired hiatus from blogging. It’s about time for an overhaul. I’ve been chugging along over the past few month and it’s time to change it all up.

The first change that may have been noticed is the different look of the site. No, it’s not permanent, it is just to replaced the mangled disaster that was my attempt to modify the “blue crush” theme in Movable Type. The current three column layout has to go… and probably the new theme too… but I will wait until December when I have time to breath and just play around with the CSS.

The second change I’m going to make is to actually start blogging regularly again and reenter the “blogosphere”. How could I not, seeing as my job now entails creating a UBC blog platform. I’m also working with Brian Lamb at the moment and if you take a look at his blog, you will see that one can’t really work with Brian and not blog. I’m also working with the UBC blog squad (as a mentor), yet have been completely shamed by the likes of Mackenzie, Lillienne and Genevieve who are all phenomenal bloggers.

I am also going to be broadening the scope of my blog, writing a bit more about residence life and life at UBC as well. I know it will look strange at the moment under the heading of “Learning and Technology”, but once I have the new UBC blogs up and running, I will be moving my whole site over to wordpress and with then do an even more massive overhaul. For now though, enjoy the new visuals and also the new content!

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  1. Strong stuff.

    So if you are reading my blog, can I assume you’ve read the response to my recent post on our syndication quandaries? More than 20 comments, many with very useful suggestions.

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