Where to study?

I am currently sitting in a small coffee lounge and bistro near campus where I have been studying for the past three hours. This is probably the longest consecutive amount of time I have studies since I started school this term! Terrible as that may be it leads me to ponder why I have been more successful today than on any other day this term.

The answer has to be that I am not studying at home. The problem with me and studying at home is not that home has too many distractions (although it does have a lot), it’s more like I have found ways to use those distractions. Here at the coffee lounge the only distraction that my mind (aching to think of something other than statistics and chemistry) can find is to order more coffee or go and draw some money from the bank. However, if I had to do this regularly my mind would probably find many more ways to distract itself. I’m sure if I came here another 5 times, by the 5th time I would probably get very little work done. The moral of the story for me is… change it up! Having a selection of different study environments and using them is critical. Of course this is difficult for me, a person who is being paid to be in my room 4/7 evenings of the week. For those of you at UBC who do have more freedom, here is great list of places to go study! For those living on campus, remember the study caf is open every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday (with AMS tutoring being available on Tuesdays and Thursdays).

For any students at UBC (living in Totem or Vanier) that are interested in getting a leg up before the exam season starts, Rebecca and I will be giving a presentation on how to use LEAP this upcoming Wednesday at 7pm in the Vanier commons block. We will also be handing out some great study packages. All are welcome to attend.

Will post later on how it goes.

Finally, here is the doodling of a kid who types all his notes out (me) and has no paper to draw on. I will probably bring ut a whole series once I get my graphic table that I will use to write down equations into oneNote.