In the eye of the midterm storm:

Well, it’s been a few hectic weeks of midterms and an eye opener as to the ways in which I learn. So, as boring as lists are, here is my midterm damage assessment.

  1. Study what you’re interested in and if you don’t have a choice about what you study… become interested in what you are doing. At the moment I am doing fantastically in all of my hard subjects, but poorly in all the easy ones. Why? Because I am interested in the hard ones and don’t care about the others. I spend time thinking about algorithm efficiency and the way CPUs translate code… I don’t spend time thinking about redox reactions. One of the hardest things for me this term is going to be to forge an interest in Chemistry and Statistics.
  2. Your tools are only as good as the way you work with them. I’ve been using things like mindmapping software and OneNote and they have really helped me assimilate information. Only however, when I worked at it. Just making a mindmap on statistics is not going to help you learn it. You have to interact with that mindmap (something the software lets you do) move things around, create new links etc. Without this extra effort you are never going to learn anything.
  3. Go to class. I can’t tell you how much I have lost by just not being in the class (or not paying attention when in class). The amount of information that one learns in class is honestly a lot more than you would ever imagine.

Ok, agreed, that was not the most interesting post of all times, as soon as I get out of this midterm storm I will be able to write more riveting stuff.



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  1. I’d played with the old one so much that I made it ugly. I’m not sure I like this one though, when I find some time I’ll put some effort into making it pretty.

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