Quizlet Rocks!

Quizlet is an online flashcard program that allows one to input matching data and test yourself. After using it to study for my Chemistry midterm I fell in love. The reason? It makes remembering long lists (like the names of chemicals in my case) much more enjoyable than anything else that I have ever tried.

Sure, there are probably better ways to ensure that you learn the data for life than flashcards. However, when you find yourself as a student in the situation where you have to learn a long list that you are really not going to need for life, then flashcards can really help.

Some of the benefits that I found from Quizlet are as follows:

  • You have to type the answers in, this means that unlike flashcards you get a better sense of the spelling, as well as better interaction with each word pair.
  • It records the percentage of times you get things right, allowing you to see immediately if you are improving or not.
  • It keeps a continuous record of the words that you missed the most.
  • quizlet%20most%20missed%20words.jpg

  • You can combine sets of cards. So for instance if you have to study 3 different sets of material for midterms and then all of it for the exam, you can create one set before each midterm and then combine them at the end to make one massive deck of cards.
  • quizlet%20stuff%20to%20do.jpg

  • Quizlet is collaborative so other people in your class can help to create decks of flashcards.
  • You can discuss the data with others in quizlet.
  • You can be tested on either the word or the definition.
  • You can be quizzed in more than one way, there is a match the card game, a test mode (including fill in the blanks, multiple choice and match the columns).
  • quizlet%20question%20types.jpg

All in all Quizlet makes the traditional flashcard redundant. No more shuffling, no more trying to make sure all the cards are the right way up, no more wondering if you actually know the things, Quizlet takes care of all of that for you.

So, you think you know your basic chemistry? Try out the set I made for my midterm…


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  1. Try memorize.com as well. It has some cool memorization modes that you can do on small groups of your items. And you can add headings and descriptive paragraphs for background information and concepts.

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