Get Teched Up!

My presentation on academic tech tools went as well as could be expected. About 15 out of the 100 people invited showed up (which is apparently really good for an academic program in residence). I got mixed reactions, there were some bored looks but then there were also those who saw things like google docs and Netvibes with wide eyed amazement. I also saw some of them setting up accounts, so at least they are giving it a go.

Below is the flyer that I handed out and that I’ve had a few requests for from people who weren’t there:

Get Teched up:

There are some things that I left off like…but I’m keeping that in my arsenal for later on in the year when I start getting questions on how to do research.

Midterms are coming up soon, so stay tuned to hear how some of the tools that I have been testing are working out.