Updates on my world of Tech:

My ridiculously large workload says I shouldn’t be blogging right now… but I’m sticking it to the man!

Update 1: Podcasting

I failed miserably, I really just wasn’t interested in listening to lectures again and thus just didn’t remember to record lectures. Also I felt uncomfortable sitting in the front. It’s funny how that is actually… it seems that the third row in any lecture theatre is dynamite!

Update 2: Google Calendar

Right, on this one I succeeded. Not only has it become essential in my life… but I have converted some other people around me! Being able to layer calendars on and off is amazing. I still need to work on making my use of Google Calendar efficient (there is an art to creating the right amount of calendars and dealing with stuff like deadlines) but for now, my life has been changed. Once I have all the kinks in my system worked out I will post some handy tips for Google Calendar users.

Update 3: Netvibes wins!

Yes that’s right… I’ve chosen Netvibes… and I’m not looking back. Why is that? Firstly they have fixed many of the issues that I had with them, like not allowing me to access my Live Hotmail. As of yesterday they completely upgraded their widgets and widget browsing. It is so much easier and all my widgets just look better. Plus they have a new Google Calendar module which works amazingly! Well done Netvibes, you are my winner!

Update 4: I’m giving a “get Teched up” presentation

It is on Wednesday at 8PM in the 1st floor lounge of Sherwood Lett in Vanier. If you want to come check it out please do. One of the best things to come out of this is that I will be able to monitor my success because I will be presenting to people in my house and can thus actually track how “Teched up” they become. Exciting times!



One thought on “Updates on my world of Tech:

  1. Congrats on the job with OLT Andre – just fantastic! Based on the content of this blog alone, this is the perfect position for you 🙂 You will be just superb and I look forward for our paths to cross again with your work there.

    As for Netvibes winning, I may just have to open an account and test it out for myself – I am still an avid user of my personalized Google homepage but your testimonial above has made me consider otherwise….a google calendar module even….hmmmm.

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