Google Calendar… the journey begins…

Wow, what a hectic couple of weeks. Advisor training was one of the most fantastic experiences of my life, made even more so by the fantastic group of people that choose to go into residence life. It was stressful to be pulled away from my beloved technology for so long, but now I have so many opportunities to spread the tech gospel that I think I might explode with the sheer happiness of it all.

The first thing that I am doing is testing Google calendar (and yes those of you with macs, I know that iCal is probably better… but not all of us are rich enough to afford those sexy MacBook Pros) for arranging things with my advising team and scheduling house events. I have admittedly never used an online calendar (gasp, shock, awe) simply because I’ve never had that many people to collaborate with. I also have a massive 4 month calendar sitting on my wall displaying the details of my life to be in all its glory). The 4 month calendar works perfectly as that is how many months there are in a term. I will however give Google calendar its fair chance… so stay tuned for news of what I find.


Sorry for the lack of depth this time… as soon as my feet get back on the ground I can commence with the groundbreaking blogging.



One thought on “Google Calendar… the journey begins…

  1. if you find google calendar has some limitations check out some of their partner products. they released an api and it let a bunch of new companies enhance their product. ive been using calgoo to take google calendar offline and add a couple more features like tasks etc. also if you have a smart phone goosync lets you sync your gcal up with that.

    those are the ones i use but there is a ton of stuff out there so look around.

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