The power of blogging… my first taste.

I haven’t been blogging for a long time… something that is patently obvious from the lack of actual posts on this blog. You can’t blame me… I used to believe (as many non-bloggers… and even more bloggers do) that blogs are for complaining about your life and looking for sympathy on the internet. Since I’m pretty happy with my life… why on earth would I start a blog?

OK, yes, I know, that was foolish, I now know that blogs are about far more. That they allow us to get our ideas out to the world at large, to be part of an academic community… bloggers are the new scholars who discuss their topics of interest on a far broader scale than anyone could have imagined before. Of course… that’s supposed to be only if you’re good! The best that someone like me, a lowly undergraduate blogger with poor writing skills could hope for was that some of my friends and fellow students read it right?

Wrong! After three entries my blog has already been quoted! By Zoho, my hero in web application building!(you can read it here). To know that an international company with some of the best computer engineers in India has been reading my blog… that I have the power to reach that far with what I say… oh that power feels so good. I guess any seasoned blogger must have gone through this already… that exhilarating rush, that spark that galvanizes you to keep going and to make sure that what you write is good. Because if it’s not good… then it’s not read by anybody, then that delicious power disappears.

(A zoho homepage screen shot… just because everybody should look at it!)

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